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    Carpet Kashan
    Persia; mid-19th c.;

    Carpet with a floral pattern. Still today people consider that the most original artists in carpet-making come from Persia. Their wonderful patterns, achievement of colour harmony, unparalleled affinity for arabesque expression mark a people with a fine instrict for decorative art. Their feeling for the arabesque gave them access to their neighbours and not surprisingly they were attracted by the Mongol cloud-motif known as tchi (similar to omega) which they adopted early on and which enriched their imaginative world.

    The Kashan workshops had a long tradition of turning out traditional Persian carpets of high quality. This carpet is a traditional pattern which was produced in several variants from the 16th c. anwards. It is composed round two axes which intersect at right angles and finish in large, stylized, coloured palmettes.